Lucent Technologies

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your team for the support you provided AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and me for the past several years. Since attending your live seminar and train-the-trainer session in Seattle in 1993, I personally trained over 3,000 AT&T and Lucent employees in numerous business units in the Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) curriculum. In doing so, we successfully created a positive culture change that improved employee (occupational and management) performance.

“The drastic change our company experienced over the past several years has been phenomenal.”

The evolution from AT&T to Lucent Technologies was a challenging event, and the company experienced numerous growing pains in our organization. We used the principles of IHE to overcome anxiety and fear of the unknown which kept employees focused on real customer and quality issues.

The IHE seminars I conducted were instrumental in helping our folks overcome the negative attitudes accompanied by uncertainty and change. We have also been very successful in bridging the gap between our senior workforce and the younger new-hire employees.

Bob, of all the successes we experienced with IHE none are as gratifying as the relationship and partnering between our management and union entities. Using IHE as a foundation to build our relationships and attitudes upon, we now enjoy a relationship based on trust and openness without hidden agendas.

As I continue to travel the country conducting IHE seminars throughout Lucent Technologies, I realize there is a never-ending interest and demand for this training. Interpersonal skills are truly a key to any organization’s success.

Bob, again thanks go out to you and your team for the outstanding support. I look forward to a continued excellent working relationship.

James E. Miller
Interpersonal Skills Training Manager
Installation West