Dear Edge:
Before Edge, life and work seemed to be full of negative “stuff.” At LeMay Enterprises, as in most companies, there were few, if any, set rules or procedures established to deal with the myriad of work-related and interpersonal issues that plagued our employees. Absenteeism, health challenges (including life-threatening cancer), poor attitudes, all threatened the very fabric of our organization. We knew we had to move toward a strategy that would enable each employee to be a problem solver, and in doing so give them the tools to create a more productive and positive life, both at home and work.

When we started introducing the Edge program to our employees, we could see an immediate improvement in attitudes. It brought an awareness of the unused power we hold within ourselves and the opportunities life holds available to each of us. Today, with the tools from Edge, confidence permeates the air. Employee attendance has reached an all-time high, people are greeting each other by first name basis, and there are more smiles to be seen. Two customer service representatives have completely changed the way they look at their customers (from seeing the problem to looking for solutions). One employee has renewed her relationship with her husband, and another with her children, and both attribute it to the class and tools it teaches. Three of our drivers have asked to take the class again, and a mechanic asked if his wife could attend the next program. The most wonderful part is how contagious the message is. It only takes two or three willing participants in each class to spark the fire, ignite the room and change begins.

To explain the specific process of change in a short letter is impossible, but what Edge does is point out that there is a path to a happy, more productive life, and it gets people started down that path. I personally thank you for these valuable tools and the benefits they continue to bring into my life.

Kathryn Marnell