Jack In The Box

Dear EDGE,

On behalf of the Jack in the Box franchise family I thank you for providing a catalyst for an improved partnership within our organization. Your address Autographed picture and thank you from Jackto the Jack in the Box franchisees, vendor partners and corporate attendees at this year’s “Partnering to Grow the Future” franchise conference hit a home run. Your inspirational stories, quick wit and entertaining style of delivering “edutainment” were remarkable.

Beginning this past July the IHE seminar was introduced to our franchisees and a majority of the franchise restaurant managers. You have personally had a great impact on the lives of many of us here at Jack in the Box, and I know that you connected to many of the participants who experienced the concepts of IHE for the first time. Many of our franchisees commented that your session solidified the concepts learned at IHE and was the highlight of this entire week. I know a few are going back for a refresher course with more of their management teams from the restaurants. I know that the participants “CAN” do anything with the proper resources and training. I have many more franchisees with a “CAN do” approach today, and I thank you for helping us all see the value of emotional locking mechanisms that focus our attention on what matters most – our relationships with each other.

At Jack in the Box we are blessed with individuals that care for each other and believe that today is the start of a greater partnership within our organization.

Bob, IHE helped me be a better husband, father, friend, supervisor, employee and person, and I am proud to have met you and count you as a valued friend.

Looking forward to our next meeting,

Michael Bamrick
Division Vice President, Franchise Operations