CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital

I wanted to write and share some of the success and positive feedback that CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital has experienced since the inception of IHE. We implemented IHE in January 2004 and have taken approximately 613 associates through the program. The overall response we have had is extremely positive. Our associates love the material, especially the DVD segments with you. Our CEO is one of our facilitators, and he receives numerous calls and letters of thanks for the program. We have recently sent out a survey to learn about follow-up adherence to the program content from associates who attended earlier this year. Although early, the surveys are coming back that the material is being used and these associates believe that IHE has a high impact on our day-to-day patient/customer interactions.

“IHE is by far number one in terms of consistent positive feedback from participant evauluations.”

Year to date, we are currently at the 70th percentile for Inpatient Press Ganey Scores. Back in February, our quarterly score was in the 44th percentile. Although we have numerous initiatives in place to increase patient satisfaction, I believe IHE has contributed to that impressive increase.

Before coming to CHRISTUS two years ago, I spent 20 years with several different companies delivering Wellness Programs. IHE is by far number one in terms of consistent positive feedback from participant evaluations. I am privileged to have the opportunity to share IHE principles with other people.

I must say also that you are a customer-friendly organization that understands and meets our associate development needs. We have enjoyed a great partnership with you!

IHE is a winner! We continue to look for ways to follow up with the workshops and move our associate culture towards the IHE Principles. We are making good progress!

Michelle Hammerly Education Director
CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital