Bargreen Ellingson

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for introducing the “Increasing Human Effectiveness” program to our company. Since I went through the facilitator’s course in Tempe, Arizona, I have lead four classes through the IHE program. Without fail, the results have been fantastic! I have personally tracked the sales people who have attended the class and each one of them has increased their previous year’s sales by a strong margin. I have had reports of attendees having better relationships both at work and at home. The goal setting has proved to be very positive. A strong majority of those who set a goal in class have called or stopped in my office to report that they successfully reached their goals and were already working on new ones!

I teach several classes to our employees, and this course is not only my personal favorite, but also regarded as the best of the bunch by our employees. We offer the class as an optional program, and I have a waiting list in effect because so many people have heard how great and how effective it is from those who have attended.

On a personal note, the curriculum has helped me in so many ways – at home, at work and most importantly in my outlook on life! My attitude is much more positive and as a result I am much more productive. This course is a must for anyone seeking to learn more about themselves and about their potential.

I know without a doubt that our company has benefited from the IHE program. Thanks so much for sharing your vision with us.

Lisa Llewelyn
Director of Training and Development